Temporary Intelligent Transport Systems (I.T.S)

Intelligent Solutions Designed for Temporary Traffic Management Roadworks.

At Roadside Technologies we have a range of Temporary Intelligent Transport Systems (I.T.S) designed for use within Highways Traffic Management. We have a range of systems for hire designed to inform and safely manage motorists through Highways Traffic Management. All systems run wirelessly and operate indefinitely via solar power, meaning no existing infrastructure is needed. Systems such as Queue Detection, Average Speed, Lane merging and Over Height Vehicle Detection.

Queue detection system

Queue Detection System (QDS)

With the use of our smart sensors positioned at strategic locations throughout the roadworks, the sensors can continuously measure traffic flow and speed. Data can then be streamed via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. Once in the Roadside Cloud, the server can then calculate the appropriate message to be written on our VMS-L Variable Message Sign which can be installed prior to the road works. The VMS-L can warn motorists in advance of the works for delays or stationary traffic ahead. Each trailer is battery powered with solar backup to offer continuous operation throughout the year. The system is a very cost-effective method against installing Average Cameras which use ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition). Each system records logs of any traffic build up for audit purposes.

Intelligent Transport Systems Data Sheet

Intelligent Transport Systems Dynamic Lane Merging System DLM

Egress Management System (E.M.S)

Entering the flow of traffic on a high-speed road can be dangerous for HGVs and site works vehicles. Our Egress Management System (E.M.S) can minimise the risk by warning vehicles in advance that a vehicle is joining the carriageway. This is a rapid deployment solution and works by placing a vehicle detection sensor within the works prior to the works exit. Our VMS-L Variable Message Sign would then activate a warning message once a vehicle is detected. The VMS-L solar powered Variable Message Sign can display up to 5 lines of text depending on the road speed allowing for a customised message for each individual site. The E.M.S can be overridden remotely should the automated system need a different message displaying to make the VMS-L dual purpose.

Intelligent Transport Systems Data Sheet

Journey time measurement system

Journey Time Measurement System (JTSM)

Informing and monitoring vehicles through long stretches of temporary Highways Traffic Management. Road users are informed in real time of the approaching time until the end of the roadworks or to a set junction. The HD VMS Variable Message display can accurately show distance and time to a set location within the roadworks. All traffic data is sourced from online cloud services and updates to each VMS every 10 minutes. Within the system, floating routes in the background such as diversion routes can be measured. All journey times are logged and stored for audit purposes.

Intelligent Transport Systems Data Sheet

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