Solar CCTV Tower for Security Monitoring on construction site.

Temporary and Remote Site Security – Solar Powered.

At Roadside Technologies we are specialise in the design and supply of Temporary Solar Powered CCTV Towers. Offering either trailer mounted or compact semi-static solutions. All solutions run entirely off solar power and need no mains, no costly LPG or fuel cell top ups which is the current industry standard. Designed to be deployed for long term periods completely unmanned, our rapid deployment CCTV solutions can give huge cost savings against traditional fixed CCTV and manned security points. With the ability to record and remotely stream in real-time crystal clear footage via 4G, our Temporary Solar CCTV Trailer can protect your assets, plant and materials on site day and night. Available for hire nationwide across the UK.

Solar CCTV Security Tower – Temporary (CCTV-T)

Our CCTV Security Tower is a rapid deployment solution to offer autonomous CCTV all year round. Designed for use within construction, the CCTV-T has a 6m telescopic mast with a HD PTZ mounted. Footage can either be streamed over Wi-Fi (up to 1km) or remotely over 4G. Live streams can be viewed via our web server or over IOS/Android app. All recorded footage is stored for a 21 day period. Housed within the body of the CCTV-T is a battery bank with solar panels to offer continuous capabilities to run all year round as an off grid solution.

Solar CCTV Security Trailer – Temporary/Long term CCTV-S)

The Solar Powered CCTV Security Trailer (CCTV-S) is a truly install and forget solution. With an innovative solar panel array housed on a compact trailer, the Solar CCTV Trailer is ideally suited to long term applications such as construction and building sites. Users can quickly deploy and forget about the Solar CCTV Tower, the live stream of CCTV footage from the HD PTZ camera can be streamed over Wi-Fi (up to 1km) or via 4G to an IOS/Android App or COMMs room. Multiple units can be positioned across site with either CCTV or ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and can integrate in to a single feed within your network.

Solar ANPR Security Trailer – Temporary/Long term ANPR-S)

In the early phases of a large construction sites such as Power Stations, Wind Farms or large scale infrastructure projects, having traceability for who is on site can be critical. Having a record of which vehicles are delivering on site at which entrance can help to better plan access points going forward. Site accesses can be logged for time on site, average speed through the site haul routes and form part of any black listed or banned vehicles on certain routes.