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Hire Mobile Variable Message Signs

Hire Mobile Variable Message Sign (VMS) from Roadside Technologies for highways traffic management and event management. Powered by a lift and rotate Solar array with battery backup, our mobile Variable Message Sign range can run autonomously all year round. Our VMS come available to hire in both standard (VMS-S HD) and large (VMS-L HD). Our HD VMS range is one of the most advanced VMS currently available within the traffic management sector. Connecting to the VMS on site can either be done locally or through our web portal app via 4G giving you full control of any message changes at the click of a button within seconds. GPS asset tracking is included within the web portal as standard. All products including our Mobile Variable Message Sign Range are built in house. This means we can consistantly supply for projects of any scale from Smart Motorway Upgrades to large scale infrastructure developments.

Variable Message Sign Speed Limit

VMS-S HD (Standard) Low Speed up to 60mph

The VMS-S HD is one of the most advanced mobile VMS currently available within the highways traffic management industry due to its full colour HD resolution. The solar powered Mobile Variable Message Sign has a bright full colour HD display capable of displaying up to 8 lines of text including arrows and MS4 style graphics and pictograms. Features include Solar and battery to offer continuous run time and full remote control via 4G/5G including GPS asset tracking as standard. The VMS-S Variable Message Sign can be used as a standalone VMS or it can be used in conjunction with additional hardware such as vehicle activated radar to interact with speeding vehicles. The VMS-S HD can also be connected to I.T.S (Intelligent Transport Systems) as part of a solution for queue detection, journey time measurement, over height vehicle detection and Dynamic lane merging systems.

  • Footprint – 1430mm x 1850mm
  • Screen – 80 x 48 Full Colour
  • Text – Upto 8 lines or MS4 Style Pictograms
  • Power options – Battery, Solar, Wind, Fuel Cell
  • Communications – Cloud Based, 5G, 4G, Locally
  • Additional Options – I.T.S Hardware Ready
VMS Small Data Sheet

Mobile Variable Message Sign

VMS-L HD (Large) High Speed

The VMS-L HD is our largest Mobile Variable Message Sign. It is designed for use on roads which are 60mph or more and houses a large display for text or graphics in either in full colour. The highest resolution display can show multiple lines of text and graphics including wickets signage (ROTTM) fully compliant. Built to run continually all year round, the VMS-L HD can run on solar power alone with battery backup. The VMS-L HD has built in security features such as a removeable towbar and GPS asset tracking included as standard. All of our Mobile Variable Message Sign range can be controlled locally or remotely via our online web portal. Included within the hire, the customer can remotely change the message, or we can monitor and update within seconds. Built in house, we can supply VMS for hire or sale and roll out to a project of any scale.

  • Footprint – 2600mm x 1600mm
  • Screen – 128 x 80 Full Colour
  • Text – Upto 6 lines or MS4 Style Pictograms (High Speed) (TSRGD)
  • Power options – Battery, Solar, Wind, Fuel Cell
  • Communications – Cloud Based, 5G, 4G, Locally
  • Additional Options – Journey Time Ready
VMS Large Data Sheet
Variable Message Sign Speed Limit

VMS-HD Video Display

The VMS-HD is a compact trailer design with a high resolution LED Display screen. The display is a full colour display capable of displaying both text, high resolution images, video footage and also a live video stream. Widely used within the events and festivals industries to promote business, events and instructions. Studies and trials have been done with Highways England for use within the Highways Traffic Management sector, for displaying static messages to offer motorists an enhanced experience when travelling through large areas of roadworks. This allows motorists to understand the works that are being carried out within the area and keep them informed of progress or safety messages. Installed as standard, a 4G router will allow traffic management contractors to remotely update the message as necessary within a few seconds. To further reduce the trailer footprint and increase security, the towbar can be removed.

  • Footprint – 1500mm x 1700mm
  • Screen – P6 Resolution Full Colour 1600mm x 1100mm
  • Text, Graphics, Video, Live Stream Footage
  • Power options – Mains, Fuel Cell
  • Communications – Cloud Based, 4G, 3G, Locally
VMS-HD Data Sheet

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