Festivals and Event Management

Event Traffic Management

At Roadside Technologies Ltd we understand that event management can provide you with enough of a headache which is why we endeavour to offer completely hassle free hires. Whether you’re hosting a village fete, sporting event or a major music festival, we have the knowledge and experience to assist with monitoring and managing traffic and pedestrians alike.

In recent years we have worked at some of the UK largest music festivals and sporting events to assist in not only managing the traffic outside the event but also the people inside. For example our Portable Variable Message Signs (VMS) can be used to guide motorists in to the correct entrances and car parks, but also the footfall within the event itself to minimise bottlenecks. Below are some products which are ideally suited to use within the events industry to minimise risk and increase safety at any event.

VMS 4 portable message sign

Portable Variable Message Sign (VMS)

Traffic comes in not only the form of vehicles entering an event but also the footfall entering the main site or arena. Guiding over 80,000 people in to a field seems like a simple challenge on a plan however the reality is that it can often be a huge challenge for traffic management operatives and event support managers. Our Mobile Variable Message Sign VMS can offer information to road users in real time to maintain traffic flow and guide vehicles in to the correct car park entrance. With full remote control features, an operations team can change the message as necessary and react instantly to ever changing site conditions. Traffic doesn’t just come in the form of cars, it also comes as people. People need to be directed to camp sites and entrances and our Portable Variable Message Signs can illuminate the way over all the mud and tents.

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Portable CCTV at festivals and events

Portable CCTV Security Trailer

Festivals are often constructed in areas without power and communications yet CCTV is required. Our CCTV Security trailer can be deployed in any location with 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi signal to provide CCTV footage streaming over to any internet enabled device such as a Communications room. This will allow event security teams to view live footage with a Mobotix M16 6MP day and night CCTV camera. Whether its crowds of people which need monitoring or traffic flow around the site, our CCTV Security Trailer can do it all. All units are powered with either solar or diesel hybrid engines to offer autonomous operation throughout your hire period. Additional modules can also be installed to offer ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) or facial recognition software for more specialist security or counter terrorism operations.

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SDB-18 Portable Vehicle activated sign at event

SDB-18 Portable Vehicle Activated Sign

The SDB-18 Speed Indication Sign is available for purchase or hire from Roadside Technologies. Ideal for use on internal access roads within a site, the SDB-18 can enforce any pre-set speed limit. Capable of measuring and displaying the approaching vehicle speed, if the driver goes above the speed limit a SLOW DOWN module will illuminate until the speed is reduced. Often used in areas where access routes are also crossing points for pedestrians. The SDB-18 has a footprint of just 750mm x 500mm meaning it can be placed roadside in areas with limited space. The SDB-18 is powered by a maintenance free battery bank within the frame and a solar panel is mounted on top to offer continuous operation all year round.

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