Speed Detection – Private Sites

Speed Detection on Private Sites

At Roadside Technologies Ltd we offer a range of products for either hire or purchase which are designed around speed detection for use within private sites. All items are simple to use and can allow security or H&S staff the necessary equipment to monitor, measure and enforce any site speed limit. Below are a range of products which are commonly used within a private site environment to enforce and record vehicle data for a traffic survey.

PR-1000 radar gun


The PR-1000 speed radar gun is a basic point and shoot device. Designed for measuring any object from a FLT (fork lift truck) to a HGV, it can measure either vehicles approaching or moving away from the user and measure speeds from 7mph. This model is very popular choice for both the public and private sectors due to the simplicity of operation and the low price point.

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VAS 300 vehicle activated sign

VAS-300 Vehicle Activated Sign

The VAS-300 range is a cost-effective Vehicle Activated Sign for improving road and site safety and reducing vehicle speeds on site access or service roads. The VAS-300 simply bolts on to a lamppost or similar object around site and measures and displays the approaching vehicle’s speed. Housed within the Vehicle Activated Sign is a maintenance free battery meaning it doesn’t need mains power to be operational. All units can either be powered using an existing mains supply or we can offer a solar-powered version which can keep the unit operational continuously throughout the year.

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Speed Spy Road Traffic Data Recorder

The Speed Spy is a road traffic vehicle data recorder designed to covertly monitor and measure traffic flow on the highways or private sites. It simply mounts to a post or similar street furniture and measures vehicle data to show traffic flow, average speeds, 85th percentile and also the worst offending vehicles including time and date stamp.

Speed Spy Road Traffic Data Sheet

SDB 18 Vehicle activated sign


The SDB-18 Vehicle Activated Sign will measure, display and record speeding vehicles on site. The SDB-18 has an 18” LED Display housed within the frame along with maintenance free sealed batteries and solar to offer continuous operation for up to 14 days. The SDB-18 has a footprint of just 750mm x 750mm making it ideal for areas with limited space. The SDB-18 Vehicle Activated Sign can produce a traffic flow survey report at the end of the hire period.

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