Highways Traffic Management

Solutions for Temporary Highways Traffic Management

Roadside Technologies Ltd supply and hire a range of products to the highways traffic management industry, to inform and communicate to motorists in real time using our Portable Variable Message Signs (VMS), reduce vehicle speeds through works using our Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) or to monitor using Data Collection Sensors or our Mobile CCTV Trailer. All our items are solar powered and can autonomously operate all year round with remote connections to our fleet management server to offer a completely connected solution.

Highway portable variable message sign

Portable Variable Message Signs

Portable Variable Message Signs are commonly used on major highways improvement schemes such as Smart Motorway Upgrades or Pinch point Works. Our solar powered VMS-Small and VMS-Large can clearly display messages in all weather and can operate uninterrupted at the roadside. Capable of displaying up to 5 lines of text or graphics in colour. Our VMS-Small is ideally suited to use on road speeds of up to 50mph, ideal for city centre traffic management and events due to having one of the smallest footprints in the industry. Our VMS-Large is suited to 50-70mph road speeds therefore suiting it to high speed traffic management such as Smart Motorway upgrades and advanced warning signs. Our VMS range are all installed with 4G and Wi-Fi communications and can be controlled locally at the trailer or remotely via a web based app. Customers can remotely monitor GPS asset tracking and change the messages in real time. All VMS are available for short or long term hire.

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Vehicle activated sign

Vehicle Activated Signs

Vehicle Activated Signs are ideal for hire within temporary traffic management to enforce any speed limit prior to entering temporary traffic management. Slower traffic through new road layouts or traffic management increases safety and reduces risk of accidents and queues. Capable of accurately measuring and enforcing any speed between 3-99mph, the high intensity LED display will operate night and day all year round without needing any mains power. Should any vehicle break the set speed limit, a SLOW DOWN module will illuminate to remind the driver. Enclosed within the trailer framework is a maintenance free battery and solar panel combination to stay operational all year round. Included within the SDT-VAS is a data recording module which will continually collect passing vehicle data to monitor traffic flow, average speeds etc. All data collected can be streamed and viewed remotely including live traffic flow.

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Vehicle activated sign

Solar Powered LED Lighting Tower

Our Solar Powered LED Lighting Tower provides safe light working conditions for workers within temporary traffic management. Traditional Lighting Towers used within construction and traffic management areas are commonly diesel-powered units. This comes with additional costs for refuelling and onsite maintenance. As a result, our Solar Powered LED Lighting Tower eliminates all these costs by running completely from battery and solar power. Not only does this offer a large saving in ongoing costs but also reduces a sites carbon footprint by reducing emissions. By removing the traditional diesel engine from the Solar Powered LED Lighting Tower, this also remove all fumes and noises meaning it is perfect for use in residential areas. All of our Lighting Towers operate automatically by illuminating once light levels drop and turn off automatically once light levels increase again with dusk ‘til dawn sensors. Installed within Solar Powered LED Lighting Tower are remote capabilities so battery and solar voltages can be viewed on a laptop or smartphone along with GPS asset locations. With capabilities to run all year round without any mains power, the Solar LED Lighting Tower is perfect to run-on long-term operations behind VRS barriers or trackside within Rail works.

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Portable CCTV on highways

Temporary Solar IP CCTV Trailer

Through long temporary traffic management stretches such as Smart Motorway Upgrades, traffic can inevitably build up. Our Solar Portable CCTV Trailer can be placed within the site where no fixed CCTV or power is in place. Fitted to our Solar Auxiliary Trailer is a 6m telescopic mast with a 3mp PTZ camera. Encased within the trailer is a battery bank with electric tilting solar panels and 4G and Wi-Fi communications. Operational within 5 minutes, the trailer will stream live traffic data and CCTV footage over to any internet enabled device or control room to show traffic flow. The CCTV trailer has a self-contained power source including battery and solar for continuous operation all year round. Smart traffic sensors and ANPR modules can also be installed on the trailer to give live traffic data in real time along with live footage. Our Solar Portable CCTV Trailer can be used for a range of scenarios from monitoring sections of road, traffic flow or even site security. Available for short or long term hire, get in touch for more details.

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Intelligent transport systems

Intelligent Transport Solution

Roadside Technologies Ltd can supply and hire fully scalable ITS solutions for your temporary highways traffic management. Designed for large sites such as Smart Motorway Upgrades we can offer systems such as Journey Time Measurement (JTMS), Dynamic Lane Merging or Queue Detection. Solutions include our portable Variable Message Sign (VMS), Smart Sensor, ANPR and CCTV. JTMS is also available using Bluetooth and an online cloud based data collection. All hardware options can be quickly installed and be operational within a few minutes.

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Highway portable variable message sign

Temporary Traffic Light Hire - Traffic Management

At Roadside Technologies, we have an extensive hire fleet of Temporary Traffic Lights available to hire across the UK on either short or long term hires. Our hire fleet is virtually brand new and each head is fitted with the latest low power consumption LED modules and long range wireless links. Encased inside the framework, it is fitted with maintenance free batteries to give continuous run time of up to 21 days. Installed in all traffic light heads is a 4G communications module which has not only GPS asset tracking but also remote battery voltage display. This reduces the need for unnecessary battery changes, see live data in real time. Each head can either be used as a master or slave unit to reduce time when setting up.

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Other TM Products

We can also supply a range of Traffic Management products which may be required for your site.

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