Solar Temporary Lighting Tower on Hire - Traffic ManagementHire a Solar Powered LED Lighting Tower from Roadside Technologies. Due to its unique configuration, the Eco-LED Lighting Tower can run all year round without any mains power. Designed to eliminate fuel costs, emissions and reduce carbon footprints. UK Nationwide hire or sale available.

Temporary Solar Lighting Tower Data Sheet

The Temporary Solar LED Lighting Tower is available for hire or sale nationwide across the UK. Ideal for use within the Construction, Traffic Management and Rail Industry, the Solar Powered Lighting tower will reduce your site’s carbon footprint and eliminate fuel bills. The average diesel Lighting tower requires filling weekly with diesel, maintenance on site, transport cost to refuel on site. Our Solar LED Lighting Tower removes all associated costs.

Designed as a deploy and forget unit, the LTS can reliably light work spaces all year round including through Winter. Due to being solar powered, the LTS will never need fuel, never need maintenance, while reducing your carbon footprint, reducing emissions, reducing noise and fuel bills. Recent studies have found that our Solar LED Lighting Tower can save up to 3000kg in emissions and £8,000 per year in diesel and maintenance costs.

Housed within the framework are the latest and some of the most efficient batteries and solar panels available. The compact frame design and innovative tilting solar panel framework allows for a fast recharge time with minimal sunlight. With such a compact trailer and being less than 500kg, it can be installed in hard to reach areas with most towing vehicles or lifted using hiab lorries. The compact trailer allows for up to 8 Solar Lighting Towers to be delivered on a lorry at once.

The mast can raise to a height of 6 meters and the 4 LED light modules can be fully adjusted to direct to where its most needed. The lights can either automatically turn on and off according to the ambient light levels measured or can be remotely overridden.

Our Solar Powered Lighting Tower has full remote communications via 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth. This allows for you to be in control of your site, you can monitor battery voltages and solar charging levels. All equipment is backed up with full remote support and GPS asset tracking via our web based app.

All units are manufactured in house at our Derbyshire workshop which minimises lead times and allows for faster deployments no matter the size or scale of your project.

Applications –

– Carpark Lighting

– Temporary Traffic Management

– Construction

– Power Station

– Outdoor Events and Festivals

– Airport and Docks