Construction Sites – Communications – 4G Wi-Fi and Broadband

At Roadside Technologies we offer a number of solutions, designed and delivered to construction sites across the UK. Solutions such as communications, on site Construction Wi-Fi networks via 4G, Solar powered LED Lighting and Temporary Solar Security CCTV Towers. We have designed a range of solar powered LED lighting in the form of Lighting Towers and also temporary LED street lighting. To protect the plant and materials on sites, we also offer rapid deployment Solar CCTV Trailers and Towers to capture every movement on site. All solutions are designed and built in house which we offer for Nationwide hire across the UK.

Construction Site Wi-Fi and 4G Broadband – Hire

Hire of 4G Broadband and Wifi for construction site and housing development

Roadside Technologies can design and deploy fast and effective on site broadband. Construction sites need to be connected, marketing suites need to have realtime booking systems and telephone connectivity, site offices need to liase with deliveries and supplier, contractors need to download site plans from Head Office. We can install a full network depending on your requirements to cover this and more. Solutions can be rolled out to any scale with multipoint links to connect security gatehouses to site offices. Users can select from data packages across all 4 major network partners (EE, o2, Vodafone, BT). We will select the network which is strongest in your area to give an uninterupted connection at all times.
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Construction Site – Solar Powered LED Lighting Hire

Solar Temporary Lighting Tower on Hire - Traffic Management

Traditional lighting on construction sites has alway come in the form of a diesel powered lighting tower or running mains powered lighting across large spans. At Roadside Technologies, we’ve developed and created the UK’s first All Solar and Battery powered LED Lighting Tower. The eco-freindly alternative gives construction companies and housing contractors the power to drastically reduce their carbon footprint and save considerable amounts of money normally spent on fuel. Gone are the days of measuring run time in days and hours, our All Solar LED Lighting Tower is measured in months and years between refuelling and mains recharging. Designed to help construction companies and housing contractors offer safe lighting for work areas and to reduce their carbon footprint and emissions. By transforming construction site lighting towers and street lights to a connected off grid solar solution, huge cost savings can be achieved. Lighting can be controlled locally at sources or remotely via a web based app to instantly turn on or off.
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Temporary Solar Powered LED Street Light – Hire

SSL Solar LED Street Light on Temporary hire - UK Construction site

Our temporary solar powered street lights are available to hire across the UK from Roadside Technologies. Designed and used across the UK in construction sites, site compounds, car parks, events and festivals, the our solar powered LED street lighs offer lighting all year round. Once installed the street lighting can be forgotten about thanks to needing no diesel refuelling, no maintenance and producing no noise. The SSL (Solar Street Lights) recharge throughout the day using the solar modules mounted above, and operates at night once the lighting levels drop. The light will remain on at 50% brightness until a pedestrian or vehicle is detected moving within 10 meters. Once detected the light will illuminate to full brightness of up to 90w for up to 60 seconds or until the object has passed. Due to this unique feature, it can run unaided all year round. Temporary Solar Powered LED Street Lights can be quickly installed using a fork lift or pallet truck. Needing no mains power, this offers a huge saving when perminant light isn’t needed for a temporary site. By opting for our Temporary Solar Powered LED Street Lights contractors can quickly swap out traditional diesel lighting.
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Temporary Solar Powered CCTV Tower – Hire

Solar CCTV Tower Trailer used for monitoring Plant and security on construction site.

On sites such as Construction, Rail and Housing Developments, expensive plant, machinery and materials are often left exposed and vulnerable to theft. At Roadside Technologies we’ve developed an All Solar Powered CCTV Tower which will run all year round on Solar power only. Built on a compact trailer with an innovative solar panel design, our rapid deployment CCTV Tower can protect your site day and night all year round. Fitted on to the telescopic mast is a PTZ camera with night vision IR for up to 150m. This give crystal clear footage day and night without compromise. Fitted with the latest 4G hardware, users can view live CCTV footage remotely via our Web Server or IOS/Android app. Previously recorded footage of up to 21 days is stored locally at the trailer for evidential purposes should an incident occur. Options are available to run multiple CCTV towers directly over Wi-Fi, add a speaker system which will deter thieves. Specialist modules such as ANPR and facial recognition for events, festivals or specialist counter terrorism operations. For more information please click here

All Solar Generator (ASG) – Our All Solar Generator comes in two sizes depending on power requirements. Designed to be installed on sites providing a reliable alternative power source to traditional diesel generators. The ASG can be easily moved around site using the inbuilt fork pockets. Users can quickly connect to the multiple 32A outlets providing mains 240v. Temporary offices or site accommodation like dry rooms and canteens can be powered for free by harnessing in the suns energy. This means no diesel fuel costs, no fuel or oil spills, no emissions and certainly no associated noise. The ASG will silently gather the suns energy through the day and store in the embedded battery bank to ensure power can be maintained through the night. Auxiliary equipment can also be added to the ASG such as CCTV cameras or outdoor Wi-Fi. Get in touch with your requirements today.