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Pocket Radar PR1000TA Traffic Advisor Speed Radar Gun



The Pocket Radar PR1000TA is a compact, digital, hand held speed radar gun designed for professional monitoring and measuring traffic speeds for people such as local authorities, police forces and construction sites. The unit comes complete with a tuning fork, calibration certificate and carry case. We can renew the calibration certificate every 12 months if required.

The pocket sized radar gun is a similar size to an iPhone yet has the ability to accurately track and measure a vehicle speed at up to half a mile away at speeds between 7-325mph or kph. Renowned as one of the safest radar guns in the industry due to the distance it can work at, it allows the user to maintain a safe distance away from the roadside.

The Pocket Radar PR1000TA is powered by just two AA batteries and can measure up to 10,000 vehicles on a single set of batteries. Built in to the Pocket Radar PR1000TA is an eco-mode which automatically powers down the radar should it not detect a vehicle within 30 seconds.

Ideally suited to Community Speedwatch groups, warehouse sites and transport hubs due to it’s low price point, the Pocket Radar PR1000 is a cost-effective solution which will accurately measure and display vehicle speeds. Available for either Hire or Sale from Roadside Technologies Ltd.

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