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Hire a speed measuring radar gun from Roadside Technologies. Ideal for monitoring the speeds of vehicles on the highways through road works, private sites and also through villages. This makes them an ideal choice for Community Speedwatch Groups. All our speed radar gun models have internal rechargeable batteries and are simple point and shoot models just like the police use on the highways road network. Below are the models we offer and their best suited areas of object measurement

SRA 3000 speed gun

SRA-3000 (SRA-3000LS)

Our hire fleet of SRA-3000 Speed Radar Gun are simple point and shoot units which is operational within 10 seconds of powering up. Users simply point the speed radar gun at traffic and the speed will show up on the LCD display fitted on the rear of the SRA-3000 for the user to read. The SRA-3000 will measure approaching vehicles up to 250ft away from the user making it one of the safest models available and make it the most popular choice for community speed watch groups. The SRA-3000 can measure speeds between 10-199mph, if a lower speed is required for measuring vehicles such as fork lift trucks then the SRA-3000LS can measure as low as 3mph. Ideally suited for use within Community Speedwatch Groups due to it's low price point and simplicity of use.

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SRA 3600 speed gun

SR-3600 (Inc. large LED Display)

The SR-3600 is available to hire complete with LED Display and tripods to offer a driver feedback system ideal for showing the driver of their approaching speeds offering them the chance to slow down to the correct speed limit. The speed radar gun package can either be mains powered or off a small 12v car battery for continuous operation. The SR-3600 will measure vehicles at over 250ft away to give the driver plenty of time to slow down. The SR-3600 can also be used with a statistics software package to record the passing vehicle data and download via Microsoft Excel. Ideally suited for use within Community Speedwatch Groups due to it's low price point and simplicity of use.

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RHHS (Scout) speed gun

RHHS (Scout)

The RHHS speed radar gun is a hand held model which is best suited to highways use and is used across the US as a nationwide highways law enforcement tool. Built in a toughened casing the RHHS can measure vehicles both approaching and moving away from the operative at speeds from 7-199mph. It can offer a continually updated speed on the inbuilt LCD display mounted to the rear of the radar gun.

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RHHR (Railmaster) speed gun

RHHR (Railmaster)

The RHHR Railmaster speed radar gun was designed specifically for use within the rail sector. The Railmaster has two settings which allow the user to measure speed ranges between 3.0-71.9mph within shunting yards, through engineering works or to test braking systems. It also has a high speed mode capable of measuring speeds between 72-320mph for high speed lines. Used widely within the Rail Industry across the UK and Europe for testing. The RHHR speed radar gun has a self-contained rechargeable battery pack and can hire models can run continuously for up to 12 hours.

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Surface Velocity Radar (SVR) speed gun

Surface Velocity Radar (SVR)

Hire the Surface Velocity Radar from Roadside Technologies Ltd. The SVR speed radar gun is specifically designed for the environmental sector to measure water flow of rivers, streams or flood contingency routes. The intelligence module within automatically adjusts and calculates for the angle of the body of water meaning no cosine calculations are needed. Simply power on the SVR and select the correct measurement from either knots or ft/min and aim at the water. The internally mounted LCD display will then show the live water flow speed in real time on the radar gun.

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